Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Lights

Along with the traditions of decorating the tree, baking cookies and doing crafts with my kids, I have always enjoyed seeking out the over the top house.  Here is a video of this years' find.  I was in Target buying lights for our bushes when an employee came up and started talking to me about lights.  This is her house.

Unlike a lot of other houses where the lights are on a timer and you never see the owners, this family comes out and greets everyone and hands out candy canes.

In case you're wondering, they have over 18,000 lights and it takes them 17 days to set it all up.

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  1. Wow! That is awesome! We have a house near us called the Falalala House that has a large display set to music. It is amazing what people can do!

    Mel S


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