About Us

I write about whatever is on my mind, mostly stuff about my family, but also anything else that interests me. In many ways this blog has been therapeutic as it gives me a place to write about things that are bothering me, and get them out of my head and help me move on. I'm a stay at home mother of 3 (aka Little Reader, Little Hugger and Little Man).

Little Reader is 8.  She's a smart, outgoing girl who loves to read.  She is very compassionate, but the unfortunate flip side is that she is extremely hard on herself.  She loves reading (obviously), dinosaurs, plays piano, soccer and dances.  She follows rules to the letter, and sometimes criticizes me if I decide the rule can be bent or ignored in a certain instance, or even given up as they have outgrown the need.  She covets her alone time, but is also social and a good sister to her siblings.

Little Hugger is 6 and fits the standard middle child stereotype.  When she acts out it is because she feels that her siblings have been getting more attention that she does.  She argues with me more than the other two, but is also the one who starts everyday with a smile on her face and a big hug for me. She is full of spontaneous, "I love you"s.  She and her little brother are definitely buddies as she's home a lot more than Little Reader. She loves doing creative things, and will keep tiny scraps of paper that she will later create all sorts of interesting things out of.  While I sometimes get annoyed when she's walking in "turtle gear" when we're in a hurry to get somewhere, I do admire that she does appreciate the beauty in everything.  She collects rocks, shells, and anything that sparkles.

Little Man is 3.  He is a very easy going little guy aside from his feeding issues.  He is almost always happy, so makes friends easily.  He started talking early and is a very funny little guy.  He tries very hard to keep up with his sisters, and definitely wants to be a big boy. He loves all the typical boy stuff - trains, cars, construction, superheros.  He talks about Star Wars although he's never seen it. Because he has sisters, he is well versed in his princesses and other "girly" stuff.  He still loves to snuggle and have me read stories to him, and I'm hoping that continues for a while to come.

My husband is a general surgeon which means unpredictable hours, and he often comes home mentally and physically exhausted.  We met my freshman year of college (1991) so I've been through pre-med, med school and residency (by association).  He's a football fanatic, golf fan and player.  (I feign interest in both). We enjoy concerts, movies, eating out and travel (when time and money permit).

Through writing and the ideas I see on other people's blogs I hope to be able to restore the balance in my life. I named this blog Seeing the Trees for the Forest cause I felt like I was focusing too much on the big picture while ignoring the details. You can't reach the big goal unless the details are tended. For example - we'll never get out of debt unless I actually make and FOLLOW a budget or by planning meals a week at a time, it's easier to make sure we are all getting a good balance of food in terms of nutrition and variety. Once the trees have all been tended, I'll be able to enjoy the forest again :)


  1. I absolutely adore your "little" names! I debated about doing something similar and I just love those names. So endearing :) xo

    1. Thanks. I never wanted to use their real names and felt that using 1,2,3 or DD1,DD2,DS (as other bloggers do) seemed too impersonal. This was my compromise and I think it works pretty well, as it really describes them each in a nutshell.


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