Saturday, November 2, 2013

St Eugene Trot or Treat

St Eugene's 

I signed daughter and I for this race when the 5k class she wanted to do with the park district was cancelled due to low enrollment.  We picked this race because the timing worked well and this was the one she was supposed to run with the class.  

I have to admit our weekend training runs were a bit tough to schedule.  I know I can run 5k on an empty stomach and eat after but she likes a bigger breakfast.

We set out Saturday morning to the race, neither of us wore the race race shirt cause for some reason it stank - not the design I mean the actual aroma.  I don 't know if it was the fabric or the ink, but even after washing them they smelled nasty so they've been donated.

The course was through a neighborhood, a few people dressed up but not many (we didn't). Once again I let her set the running pace and I set the walking pace. I only had one pair of headphones but since this was a pretty casual race, I just turned my music on low without the headphones so she could hear it and the intervals on Endomondo.  We alternated 2 minutes of running with 1 minute of walking. She was usually eager to stop running at the end of each running interval, but never skipped a running interval and finished strong.  Final time 39:36

We hung out for a little bit getting bananas water and some candy.  There was free pizza and a few games but we skipped all that and headed home as we had a friend's birthday party to go to.  Just before we were about to leave for the party the doorbell rang - the mailman bringing the medals from the virtual race I had signed us up for (so she could get a medal for her first race).  I had hoped to give it to her at the finish line but it didn't arrive in time.  She was still excited to get it, and wants to do the local Turkey Trot with me on Thanksgiving morning.  I'm holding off signing up til after my 10 miler this weekend since my foot has been bothering me, but it seems to be getting better so I should be good to go. 

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