Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Wrapup

If you think I disappeared, I didn't.  I just got caught in real life - in a good way, no new family drama.  We were able to give our kids a good Christmas this year (not that they've ever thought they didn't get a good Christmas)

My husband was on call Christmas Eve so we had a regular dinner that night and our Christmas dinner on Christmas Day.  He got called in at 4am but luckily was home before the kids woke up so despite being tired he didn't miss any of the fun.

My daughters fell in love with my old dollhouse when we were visiting my parents and since it was impossible to bring it across the pond, I decided to build them one of their own.  They will have to share it, they won't each get their own.  It still has a bit of work to go, but after all my evenings and doing some stuff during the day, this is how it looked Christmas morning.  I had taken a big risk as I told Little Man I was working on it, so I'd be able to work on it when he was home from school but they weren't.  Amazingly not only did he never spill the beans, but he stopped Little Reader from going in to our storage room one day when she was looking for something, with a very vague, "there are probably presents in there and you don't want to ruin the surprise". 

The outside will have railings along the two porches and the inside will have dividers on each floor to break up the rooms.  I wanted to wait to place the dividers until we actually are ready to decorate.  I figure it'll be easier to wallpaper/carpet etc, that way.  

There is a miniature fair coming up here next weekend and I am planning on taking them to that to get some ideas for decorating and hopefully find a better family than I have found on line.  

Along with the house they got tons of Legos and my daughters got a bunch of American Girl stuff (including new dolls from Santa).  Little Man also got Legos and a bunch of Superhero stuff including a Bat Cave and a remote control car from Santa.  

My husband and I bought a new iMac to replace our antiquated PC, and a few other things for each other.  This was the first time my husband actually took time to write a list so I did my best to get him everything on it.

He surprised me with tickets to the Hawks game on the 27th where they destroyed the Avs 7-2.  Coincidentally it was Sharpy's birthday and he scored a goal at 12:27, another at 27 seconds into the second period and a third for a hat trick.  Quite a birthday if you ask me.  

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