Saturday, January 11, 2014

January Reboot

I had planned on getting organized, deChristmasing etc last week, but then the polar vortex hit.  School and activities were cancelled Monday and Tuesday.  The usual short Wednesday was extended requiring piano lessons to be rescheduled.  Luckily the town decided to wait til this coming week to collect Christmas trees taking the pressure off there, but as much as I love Christmas I am looking forward to having my house back in order.  

This is the week I will get organized.  So to get on track here are my goals for the month
1. Finish decorating Little Man's room - rug, tieback hooks, organize closet
2. Finish exterior of dollhouse, and paint interior where needed, start wallpapering and floor
3. Top to bottom house cleaning (Super Bowl party prep)
4. Start redecorating Little Readers room - she's moved on from her space theme and has picked out a new tie dye pattern from PB Teen
5. Book spring break trip (Sequoia, Monterey and LA)
6. Update finances with new budget, get bank accounts in order
7. Run 30 miles (I haven't run yet this year, the roads have been too slick, and I figured the gym would be packed so I'm waiting for the New Years resolution people to fall off the wagon ;)
8. Transfer files off old computer - this is almost done, just need to have my husband go through his stuff
9. Complete goal list for the year.  This year I'm thinking of going more room by room as things are mostly organized it's more about making our house more homey

Seems like a lot, but I've already started a bunch of it, so it's all doable.

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