Saturday, June 14, 2014

Girls on the Run

This is the 3rd 5k my daughter has done and I signed up to be her running buddy.  It was a pretty warm morning despite an early start.  Since I had set the pace for our first race, I told her this time I would go at her pace.  The first mile of the course was a pretty tight down and back and after that the course opened up.  I could tell my daughter was getting a bit annoyed at how crowded it was and she passed a lot of people (looking back to make sure I was still with her).  

She started off at a pretty fast pace despite the crowd - about 8:45, but by early in the second mile she needed a walk break.  She told me that she was hungry - we had breakfast about 3 hours before the race started.  Not much to do about it except get to the finish.  She ran most of the course with a couple of walk breaks and finished in 35:11 (unofficial as this was not a chip timed race).  

We got her medals and goodies and then headed back to our meeting spot to wait for the rest of the group.  One girl and her Mom were already there, the rest came later.  It was a pretty hot day and supposedly some people actually got sick from the heat - luckily no one in our group.  

Once everyone had finished and cooled down, we got pictures of the girls and their coaches and headed back for the bus ride home.

Overall she was happy with her time, but learned the importance of fueling properly before a race.  

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