Friday, July 11, 2014

Camping Weekend - Ugh

My husband and I are taking the kids camping this weekend with 4 other families.  They're all excited, me not so much, but I haven't admitted it to anyone so allow me to vent.  

We're going to a campground in Michigan no major outdoorsy place like a national park or anything, but still sleeping in tents and making our food on portable grills and campfire.  

The rest of the group has gone to this campground before and said they never left the campsite as there is a pool, playground and jumpy pillow.  There's a beach nearby but they never went?  There's a cute little town nearby, never went there either? That's fine for the kids, but I'm trying to figure out how to keep myself entertained.  

Two of the families I don't know well (if at all), one family we're good friends with, the other family is in our same circle of friends, but if they weren't I wouldn't hang out with them. 

Still I am going to put my best happy fave forward and hope for the best.  I am honestly most looking forward to a Saturday morning run along some new trail.

If nothing else, we spent so much $ on camping gear I now have a $26 reward at Sports Authority to spend when we return. 

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