Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Headband Fatwah

I read another blog recently of another Mom who had instituted a "Croc Fatwah" in her household.  I completely agree with her on those and despite my kids asking for them on a couple of occasions, I gave them a definitive no from the beginning, so they stopped asking.

Now it's time to lay down the law one more time, but not on footwear, but hair accessories.  My middle daughter is 5 years old. When she eats her hair tends to fall in her face.  I've never liked bangs since they are so hard to keep looking good, and a real pain to outgrow when you want to - which inevitably everyone does.  Early on when it was time to eat, I would tell her to grab a headband to keep the hair out of her face.  It worked for a while, but unfortunately her hair still flops in her face and I am constantly telling her to fix the headband.  We are both getting tired of it - me of bugging her, and her being bugged. 

Her little brother also has a habit of grabbing them off her head and tossing them across the room.  I tried to tell her if she wore barrettes or hair elastics, he wouldn't be able to do that, but that didn't convince her.  I have finally told her that when she starts kindergarten in the fall, the headbands must go.  Hair must be neat and out of her face.  This is not the school's rule but mine.  I tell her what I told my now 7 year old when she started Kindergarten, the teachers need to be able to see your face, so they can be sure that you're paying attention and understand what they are saying.  She is willing to give them up, but when I tried to suggest that she give them up now, she refused.  Oh well, it was worth a try.  Can't wait for the first day of school.

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