Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Breastfeeding doll

I am absolutely a believer in breastfeeding. I do believe mothers milk is the best thing for an infant and if asked by a new or expectant mom I will certainly share my opinions and experiences. I do not condemn women who either choose not to breastfeed or for whatever reason are not able to. That's their business, but I will always promote breast over bottle.

Having said all that I found this new doll, ridiculous. In all fairness I'm not a fan of the dolls who talk, coo, pee or poo either. I think the point of pretend play is to pretend, not to do what the doll tells you. The price is absolutely ludicrous too. $118 on Amazon.  I have yet to buy any of my children one toy that cost that much, and this would certainly not be the one.

When my second daughter was born my oldest was 2. When it was time to nurse the baby, my daughter would often come and sit next to me and nurse her Zoe monster (from Sesame Street). She would actually put Zoes face to her belly button because that was easier but would still do all the same things I was doing - gently rubbing her back or her cheek, gazing down at her, burping her, and even switching sides when I did (by flipping her over and cradling her in the other arm :)

My point is, this doll is completely unnecessary. Children learn from our example.


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