Friday, April 12, 2013

Screen Free Week

Next week is Screen Free Week at my daughters' school. Giving up TV is not a big deal for me, most nights you'll find me reading a book, blogging, or checking Facebook. Obviously those last two involve screens. Since I'm planning the events I can't stay off email, but i do plan on making a few changes.

1. Delete FB and Pinterest apps off my phone. Yes I'll probably load them back on after.
2. Stay off blogs (reading and writing)
3. Only read emails that have to do with Screen Free Week events

What will I do with all my found time?
What I really should do is give my house a good top to bottom cleaning to start prepping for my party, but that will bore me fast so along with playing with my kids and attending some of the events we've planned at school, I have a couple of other projects lined up to keep me busy.

Photo albums - I'm behind on my photo albums - not too bad, I've got them filled through August. I've ordered all the pics I want, just need to put them in albums and make my divider cards - I don't scrapbook, I do my own own lazy version - 4x6 cards with stickers denoting what the upcoming pics are from (a mini scrapbook page if you will)

Sewing - a couple of repair jobs, duvet covers for Little Man, maybe a pillow for our basement with leftover fabric from curtains down there

Puzzle - a 750 piece puzzle of the Chicago skyline at night. As a kid I loved puzzles - especially the big 1000 piece ones. I had a card table in my room that I worked on them on. When I finished one I would frame it and start the next. When the next one was down it replaced the previous one in the frame. Other than quick kid puzzles I haven't done one in ages. I plan on setting it up on the dining room and we can all add to it over the course of the week. Hopefully we'll finish by the of the week.

Staying off the computer won't be hard, using my phone for only legit stuff will be tougher. I'll let you know how it went next week. Wish me luck.

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