Sunday, June 2, 2013

I Am A Runner

Last July I started running.  I had run some in high school but in Nikes and not very long runs.  Once I got to college (with all the hills on campus) I stopped.  I was a wimp.  Let's face it, while running is great exercise it's annoying.  Having a good run takes planning.  You have to think about what you eat before you run to avoid cramping up.  You have to hydrate before and after.  You need to stretch before and after. The right shoes make a HUGE difference - I finally got properly fitted at a running store and said goodbye to Nike, and have had much better runs.

In the past 11 months I have run a few 5ks, a 15k and a 10k. I have run in 35 degrees and 100 degrees.  I am currently training for a half marathon.  I used to bring my running shoes and shorts on vacations on the off chance I would find time to run.  This time I am determined to run - I have registered for a 10k 3 days after We return to keep me on track. 

Other exercises are much easier - sign up for classes and follow the teachers' direction, join a gym and use the bikes or elliptical machines.  I don't want to belittle  those who choose other forms of exercise, I've done all those and you will burn calories and feel better about yourself, but I know I feel much better after a run than after a class or a session at the gym. A good run proves that I had the motivation and dedication to go for a run just because I wanted to, not because someone else told me to, or because I signed up for a class and don't want to waste the money. I used to see people running in bad or cold weather and think they were crazy, now I'm jealous I don't have the same motivation.

I am a runner.

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