Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Little Reader aka Little Runner

Every fall and spring my kids have to do a fitness test in school including some running - 100m dash, 400m dash, 600m dash and 1 mile run.  Little Reader surprised me by saying she didn't want to do the runs.  Now admittedly when I was her age I never liked Field Day at school either, but I wasn't a runner then.  She has PE 4 days a week, plays soccer and is doing Girls on the Run so I was surprised by her anxiety.  Still I told her to just do her best.  

She came home from school yesterday and said that she had done the mile.  I asked how she did - 8:09!! Almost a full minute faster than her previous time.  And 3rd in her class.  So then she asked me how fast I can do a mile?  Honestly, I'm not sure, haven't tried to run just a mile in a while, and I don't think Endomondo's stats for that kind of stuff is accurate.  It has me listed as doing a mile in 6:45 as part of my Hot Chocolate in 2012, which is basically impossible given my average pace for the race was 10:00 min/m.

But now I'm curious and plan to find out the next time I can run her course (the perimeter of the school's fields) when there are no kids there.  

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