Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bye Bye Crib

8 years and 3 kids later, our little crib went out with the trash Friday morning. We happened to walk out the door just as the garbage truck was coming by to pick it up.  Little Man thought it was very cool to hear his crib getting crunched up by the garbage truck.

Land of Nod delivered Little Hugger's new bed Thursday morning and the toddler bed is now in Little Man's room.

The kids were playing in the basement when the truck arrived. Since the delivery guys just knocked instead of ringing the doorbell, the kids didn't even hear them come in. They were extremely quick setting it up. Once they were done, I rearranged everything, and made the beds in each room.

Finally I went down to the basement and Little Reader asked when the delivery men were coming? I told her they already had come and gone and she quickly spread the word. Little Hugger and Little Man looked stunned and I asked if they wanted to see their new rooms. They all scampered up the two flights of stairs squealing with delight. It was like the big reveals on those HGTV shows. They were both very happy with their new set up, even if there is still more work to be done (a new coat of paint, wall decals and a rug for Little Man, a night stand and reading lamp for Little Hugger). 

 The only problem was at the point we still didn't have a duvet or a fitted sheet for Little Hugger. After lunch we headed out. Yesterday I had looked everywhere for fitted twin sheets that were not part of a set to no avail. Finally, I appealed to my Facebook friends for advice. A couple of good suggestions came through but the only successful one was Wal-mart. Ugh. I hate Wal-mart. But in the end they had exactly what I needed - twin fitted sheets in bright colors to go with the IKEA duvet covers that are sold separate from a set and at $5 each, well can't beat that.

After Wal-mart, we went to two different places for the duvet, no luck. She's been using one of our guest duvets and although Friday we went to IKEA and got another one for her. Yes, she could technically use the guest one til Christmas when we have all 4 parents visit as we have 4 (well now 3) guest duvets), but this is Little Hugger we're dealing with, my middle child, who apparently has read the manual on how middle kids are supposed to act. If I have her use this one until December, she'll feel like she's somehow less important because it's a guest one and not her own. Spinning Plates yet again ;)

The excitement of the new beds has made bedtime take a little longer the past couple of nights, but Little Hugger loves that we have been reading bed time stories in her room as there was finally room for everyone.

As I tucked them both in Thursday night, I was told by 2 kids I am the best Mommy in the Universe.

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