Friday, June 22, 2012

Page It Forward 2.0 Book Drive

This week the United Way of Lake County kicked off their second annual summer long Page it Forward Book Drive. Last year they were able to collect over 154,000 books for kids from low-income families. 
United Way of Lake County’s kindergarten readiness assessment of incoming kindergartners’ skills in Waukegan found that 76 percent of Waukegan 6-year-olds had no knowledge of books.  I don't really know what they mean by no knowledge of books.  Does that mean that they never read/touched a book/ had a story read to them?  Whatever it means, it's depressing. 

We've read to all our kids pretty much from Day One.  They each have a ton of books on their bookshelves and we go to the library about once a month.  As bloggy Moms we all appreciate the written word, so it's fair to assume that you all read to/provide books for your kids.

This year's goal is 200,000 books.  

We recently went through my kids book shelves and of the books they have we found about 30 that they were willing to part with. Now I just have to figure out when I'm going to drop them off. It's only about a half hour drive for me to any of the locations, but I just want to combine it with something else.

If you are in the Chicagoland area, please consider going through your kids' old books and see if you can find a few to donate. There are dropoff locations all around Lake County, check the website for listing
United Way website. If not, please like their FB page.  Every like gets a donation from their corporate sponsor.  You can also text a $10 donation. All the details are listed on the website and FB page

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