Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 Wrapup

Overall 2012 was a good year. Certainly far better than 2011. We're slowly but surely getting back to a better place financially and should be out of credit card debt by the summer. I accomplished about 80% of my weekly projects that I set for myself last year and have definitely gotten more organized.

The second half of the year I finally was able to have consistent time to myself thanks to Little Man being in camp and then preschool. Even though it is just a couple of hours 3 times a week that I am kidless, it has done wonders for my sanity. I had time to exercise, get things done around the house without little ones messing up what I had just cleaned. Some days I just took some time to enjoy the quiet and read or blog. I also made a point of scheduling more time for me to get away either solo for a Mom's Day Off or out with friends.

I've posted my resolutions in a separate post so I won't rehash them here, except to say that I hope to continue the momentum of improved finances, making our house more of a home, continuing to make me time a priority.

I'm also very much looking forward to our upcoming trip this summer back to Denmark. We are overdue for a vacation. I haven't been back in 6 years and considering I used to go back at least once a year as a kid, it has been way too long. I look forward to seeing my extended family especially my cousins' kids most of whom I have never met. I also look forward to showing the kids some of my favorite places and favorite foods.

What are your hopes/goals for 2013?

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