Monday, July 29, 2013

Lia Sophia on Hold for Now

Ok, so I've mentioned my interest in starting selling Lia Sophia.  I got the new catalog and while I like a lot of the new pieces, I'm not that excited about the current starter set.

There are a couple of smaller pieces that I like, but the bulk of it I can't see myself wearing.  I figure this matters in case I fail miserably and am left with the jewelry.  The starter set costs $149 for $1000 worth of jewelry but if I only want pieces totaling less than $149, not worth it.

Also if I really wanted to make a go of it, I'd need to be starting now to get my first five weeks off to a good start.  Since training for my half takes up most of my kidfree time right now, I think it's time to put the plan on pause.

Depending on how much I like the next  new catalog I may consider it come February, but next fall would be better when Little Man will be in Kindergarten.  I'll have a lot more kid free time and could even offer daytime parties in some cases.

Until then I will continue to follow a couple of advisors who seem successful selling online and will get one of them to include me in one of their Facebook parties so I can see how that really works.  I'm still skeptical that the online option actually works, but at the same time I can see how it work for people like me who can't always get out due to husband/kid schedules.

I did order a couple of new pieces from the new catalog and will hold off on the rest until I get some awesome offer.  


  1. Have you seen the 2014 Spring/Summer lia sophia Catalog yet? It is great. I am an advisor and I love your tips for hostesses. I started doing selling cause I love the jewelry. I think there are many nontraditional advisors. You may be quite surprised.

  2. Thanks. I'm glad you liked the post. It has been pretty popular on Pinterest.

    I do like the new catalog and have a few items on my wish list already, but I have to say I was underwhelmed with the new starter set. The pieces I like I already have and the rest I'm not that excited about. Maybe in the fall - the timing would work out better for me then anyway.

    Until then I am following a few advisors on Facebook (including you) to learn some of the sales tactics they use. I'm "attending" my first Facebook party tonight. Curious to see how they really work.


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