Friday, July 19, 2013

Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella

This is a fun comedy of errors.  Lottie's boyfriend, Richard, asks her to lunch at a nice restaurant because he has to ask her a question - she hears big question and assumes he's going to propose.  She is devastated to find out that his question was not a proposal but something much less interesting.  On top of that he is moving to San Francisco.

Lottie returns to her office to find a message from a guy named Ben.  The name doesn't ring any bells, but she returns the call.  Once she hears his voice she recognizes him as her gap year boyfriend who she hasn't spoken to in years. 

Once reunited they pick up pretty much where they left off and decide to get married, and go back to the Greek island where they met
.  Lottie's sister Fliss does everything she can to stop the wedding and every time she thinks she has the problem solved someone else steps in and messes it all up again.

As with most of Sophie Kinsella's books there aren't a whole lot of surprises when it comes to the ending but the plot twists along the way are fun.  Definitely a fun read.

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