Friday, July 5, 2013

My Runnerversary

Yes I made up the word but someone out there coined the word blogaversary so why can't I make up a word?

Anyway a year ago I decided to start running again.  I got a good pair of sneakers and hit the pavement.  It was tough in the beginning.  Back then it took me 38:57 minutes to run 3.15 miles going back and forth between running and walking.  Now I am consistently running the same distance in under 30, have run a few races and have 3 more coming up.  A friend of mine started running in January and says I inspired her to start.  In the past year I have logged over 300 miles (which may not seem like much to you hard core runners out there but I will admit I slacked off in the Chicago winters.

According to Endomondo these are my stats for the past year (note I ran 2 x 4 mile runs in Europe which I didn't have GPS for so that 299.89 should be more like 307.

After my 10k this weekend, I plan on celebrating my runnerversary with a new pair of sneakers all the above miles were on the original pair I bought last July and I'm can tell it's time to replace them

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