Saturday, February 9, 2013

Day Off

Yesterday my daughters had the day off of school due to some teacher meetings. I've finally got the house mostly back to normal after the Super Bowl. Anyway this was going to be my catch up day, but after giving breakfast to two kids I dosed off on the coach until Little Reader got out of bed at 1040. She had woken up earlier than that but had been reading. I saw no reason to wake her up since I was tired too.

Once everyone was fed we headed to Jumps N Jiggles for about an hour. Since it wasn't really cold I took them for a walk in Busse Woods after It was the great day to go - not too cold and the snow was sticking to the trees. Got some great pictures of the kids. I would have liked to stay longer but we weren't prepared for that as we hadn't brought snow pants.

I had hoped to get my blog updated with Super Bowl recipes and recent Pinterest successes but my wifi is down and I can't do links and photos from my phone. The tech is coming tomorrow (yes, Sunday) so hopefully I can catch up Monday.


  1. You are lucky that she slept until 10:40! I think my daughter only sleeps that long when she is sick. Busse Woods was probably pretty with the snow!

    1. She sleeps like a teenager but is only 8. Not that I mind, I'm not a morning person either.

      Busse Woods was beautiful and the best part was there was hardly anyone there. There were cars in the parking lots but no one else on the trails. I'm so used to being dodged by runners and bikers, it was a nice change that it was actually peaceful in there.


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