Friday, February 15, 2013

What Difference Does An Inch Make

For years I've thought I was 5'6". Some doctor somewhere along the way told me I was, and I believed it. I can't count the number of forms I filled out with that number identifying me. Weight goes up and down, your height doesn't.

Yesterday I went to see my gynecologist for my annual and the nurse measured my weight and height. I didn't take off my sneakers for the weighin as I am within the normal range for my height so no need to shave off a few ounces. Then she measured my height and told me I was 1-1/2 inches taller than I thought. I took my shoes off and asked her if she could measure me again. Without the sneaks 5'7" (an inch taller than I had thought).

Weird, but I still didn't believe it. Maybe their ruler was off? When my husband came home I handed him the tape measure, took off my shoes and had him
measure me. Sure enough, I am 5'7"ate I was slouching at the teenage measurement and have better posture now, but either way I am standing a little taller today.


  1. How nice for you. It worked the opposite for me last time. I lost a whole 1 1/2 inches. I think I should start working on better posture!

  2. I believe I slouched as a teenager, something about trying to blend. Who knows but I do know as I got older, I stood taller!! LOL!

    Just dropping in from Live Laugh Rowe to meet you and follow you:) (via GFC)

    I would also love to invite you to join Let's Get Social Sunday and link up your blog and all your social sites at one great place to meet some lovely new friends and gain more followers!! (150 bloggers every week:)

    Hope to see you there and have a totally awesome day!!

    1. As an introvert, I think slouching was a big part of my reduced height. After those awkward teenage years, I think I got more comfortable in my own skin and walked more proudly and taller.

      Thanks for following, following you back, already checked out your most recent party and found a few new blogs to follow.

      Look forward to reading more about your adventures. This is a big country and living in the Midwest I look forward to more roadtrips with my kids as they get older and are really excited to head West (both North and South. We did a 10 day trip to the Southeast August of 2011.


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