Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I love trucks.....

....any kind of trucks. Boy am I in luck there are trucks all over the world.

While this may not actually be my 2 year old son's favorite song, the sentiment is definitely true. It's amazing to me how early these interests are ingrained in kids. At this age my daughters might have noticed a fire truck but didn't care at all about construction equipment. Before he was 2 my son could correctly name the different equipment - excavators and dump trucks seem to be his favorite.

Fridays are a very exciting day as that is when the garbage trucks come through our neighborhood. And really any kind of truck or train will get his attention. The benefit of this is I don't really get annoyed any more when I'm stuck in traffic due to construction on the side of the road or when I'm stuck at a railroad crossing waiting for a freight train to go by. I just look back at my little guy in his carseat, all wide eyed at the vehicles in front of him.

A while back there was a car dealership being demolished in our town. It was between our house and my daughter's preschool. If we finished up errands and I didn't have enough time to go home, but would have
been too early to pick her up, I would park over by the demolition site. We'd sit there and he'd stare out the window giving me the commentary of what the trucks were doing. His favorite part was always when the excavators would dump whatever they had into the dump trucks. There would be a loud booming sound and sometimes if the load was big enough the ground would shake. Then when we finally had to go, he'd say goodbye to the excavators and dump trucks and when we picked up his sister, he'd get all excited telling her about it. "Excavator, dump in dump truck, boom!!". The site has sat idle for a while now. There are still a few machines parked there, and they're probably just waiting until plans are approved for whatever is going to be built. When ever we drive by now he asks, "why excavator not digging?" Hopefully soon buddy.

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