Monday, July 18, 2011

The little house

The little house is one of my all time favorite children's books. I remember reading it as a kid and as soon as my oldest daughter would sit still long enough to listen to a "long" story I got it for her. She loved it too.

Recently we were reading it again, and my son wasn't really paying attention. Then we got to the middle of the book, when the pretty countryside started getting roads. Then he got all excited because now there were pictures of dumptrucks and graders. As the story progressed he started pointing out the trolley cars, subway etc.
It's funny because all the times I had read it previously I was reading it from the house's point of view, and thought of it as a sweet story that a boy probably wouldn't really enjoy. It's not that it's a "girly" but I always read it from a more sentimental point of view. He went the other way with it and keyed in on the progress and construction side. It's even become a book that he likes to look at himself (although focusing on those middle pages). Once the house has been moved out if the city and into the countryside he loses interest again. Then again, that's part of what's great about books. Different people can get different things out of them, but enjoy them just the same.

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