Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Iphone leads to Mommy ADD

I got my iPhone about a month ago and while it is cool and helpful I also feel like it's giving me ADD or at least popcorn brain as I have heard it called. Being a mother of 3 young kids is hectic enough. I often find myself having 3 conversations at once because everyone is talking at the same time.

The main problem of course is Facebook and email. I don't get a lot of important emails. I don't work outside the home so the majority of what I get are from all the various deal websites, coupons from real stores, and once in a while a real message. Still I feel like I have to check it multiple times a day (when I have a free minute at home, when I'm at a stoplight, when I'm waiting for kids). I do not check it when I'm driving and if I need to text I pull over. I even told the kids how dangerous it is to text and drive knowing that they'll call me on it, if I try.

Now that I've started this blog, I find myself obsessed with my stats. I don't know why. I'm not really publicizing it, so don't expect a lot of traffic. I am writing under a pseudonym so am not sharing it with my friends.  No one is following me yet, but I have had someone in Germany and someone in Canada read my blog.  Not sure how they found it, but it's kind of cool.

I find myself having thinking that I need to look up something and then getting sidetracked when I unlock my phone and check FB before getting to google and then I forget what it was I going to check.  I guess these are signs of addiction.  I have recently unliked a bunch of pages to cut down on the number of updates I get, it's mostly back to friends again, which has helped.

Now that I have everything in my calendar, I feel like I can't remember any simple dates without consulting my calendar.  With school out for the summer and the camp schedule pretty relaxed, it gets worse as I don't really need to know the day of the week or the date most of the time, but then I also haven't really been planning ahead in terms of activities for the kids.  We just had my inlaws come to visit.  They left today, and today I'm spending getting the house back in order, and getting caught up on laundry.  Camp starts for all three kids next week which will allow me some free time, and hopefully let me tackle some of the smaller projects I need to tend to so I can get my life organized.

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