Monday, July 25, 2011

Katy Pewwy and finding my cloud

I have had an iPod for about 7 years and my husband has had one for about 6. Within the last year we each got iPhones and bought an iPad. As much as I love all these devices the thing that always bugged me was the inability to sync our music on everything. Every time I downloaded a new song we both wanted I'd have to save it one both of our user accounts. I could have set up one shared music file that we both pull from, but some music that one of us has the other doesn't want. I have some Barry Manilow, he has some Kanye.  Then we got the iPad which I never bothered putting music on. I tried putting songs on my iPhone but that was a pain, until now. With the latest software update we now have all our music in the "cloud". I selected home share on our accounts, turned on both computers and uploaded all the music from the various accounts among all our devices. Now theoretically any time I buy a new song now, it'll be synced to all accounts. Haven't tried that part yet, but I trust Apple to have gotten it right.

What does all this have to do with Katy Perry? My kids love Katy Perry. What Taylor Swift was for them last year, Katy is this year. Their favorite is Firework. They sing along in the car, even my 2 year old little guy likes it. I put a playlist together for them when they have to clean up of Katy Perry and Pink songs. High energy stuff that keeps them moving. It seems to work. Unfortunately up until now whenever wanted to listen to it I would have to give them my iPod, which meant I couldn't listen to it.  Our playroom is in the basement (must be cleaned up by them every night before bed).  While they do that I usually clean up the kitchen.  Then when they were ready to go upstairs and take showers and get ready for bed I'd have to bring my iPod up to my docking station in my bedroom and blast it so they could hear it down the hall in their bathroom and bedrooms. Now it's all on my phone too. Now they can listen to their stuff where they are and I can keep my iPod in the docking station in the kitchen.

I finally got everything loaded on my phone tonight right before bedtime. My daughters had gone upstairs to get ready for bed, as usual the little man was hanging out waiting for me to go up and get him in the tub. I finished syncing and unplugged the iPhone, turned on Firework and he got the big smile on his face and said "Katy Pewwy, firework!!"

It'll also be a big help on our roadtrip.  Now I won't have to bring our portable speakers with us, just the phone, and when we all get sick of the same old songs on the radio, we can take requests.

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