Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sometimes procrastination works

And of course that's why I still do it even though most of the time I know better. I thought we were screwed financially and was ready to liquidate my IRA. Then today I realized that part of the problem was the new Chase website. I last checked my balance the day my husband was paid and I thought we had already spent the whole thing. Didn't really make sense, but there it was, or so I thought. Problem was their running balance wasn't reflecting that day's deposit even though it was there as a line item. Not sure why, but when I went to check my balance today, it was more in line with what I thought it should be.

Still not great, but certainly better. And even though yes I still need to have that financial chat with my husband, I can put it off while I get a better plan and hopefully by hunkering down after we pay off the expenses for this backyard project, my IRA can stay put and keep growing. It's not a large amount but enough that I want to keep it. Glad I checked again rather than liquidating the IRA and then realizing the mistake.

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