Friday, February 28, 2014

Getting My Fix from the Lia Sophia Spring Summer Line

The new catalog came out February first. I got an advance copy of the catalog from one of my Lia ladies and after studying the catalog made my wish list.  As usual I found a couple if things I liked at first glance, but after going through it again (and letting my daughters look) the list grew. Not enough to warrant a party though.

I placed my first order through my local rep. As much as I want to wear it (especially the classified necklace) I'm waiting as I ordered the party time and shortcake necklaces from two different advisors so both my daughters could get them.

Party time necklace for March 34
Shortcake necklace 28
Classified necklace in hematite 88
Block party in mulberry 48
123.61 for 198 worth

The second order came yesterday, and actually my daughters have been asking about them so I may give them their goodies this weekend (although I wanted to wait to give them the birthstone ones for their actual birthdays).

Shortcake N - $34
Party Time N (May) - $28
Glacial N - $20
Slow Dance E (Mint) - $5
Shipping - $4.25
Tax - $6.96

Grand Total is $98.21 for $208

I thought I was done when I stumbled across a Facebook party held by a friend if my local advisor and I saw the Bardot bracelet and the offer to get it for $10 if I ordered up to $80 worth of other stuff.
3rd order including 
 Free Flyer earrings

flash bulb earrings

 first dance earrings

Bardot bracelet

106.82 for $200 worth

For a grand total of $606 worth of jewelry (before tax) for $328.64 including tax and shipping.  Not bad especially considering that the full price items were the necklaces for my daughters - total of $124 for all 4.  Bottom line though, I need a bigger jewelry box ;)

I held off ordering until I could checkout the new starter kit.  Unfortunately, like the previous kit, there weren't any pieces I was really excited about that I like (other than ones I already own). I am still seriously considering joining Lia Sophia once my son starts school in the fall, which is partly why I am obsessively following different advisors Facebook pages, and joining Facebook parties of total strangers.  I'm not a stalker, I'm collecting ideas.  Everyone time someone pins any of the pins I have under my Lia Sophia boards (especially my tips for a successful party), I check to see who they are and what I can learn from them.  

I have a couple of pins planned for ways that I use my genius clasps and necklace shorteners that I haven't seen elsewhere. I just need to figured out how to take the pics. 

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