Thursday, February 27, 2014

Travel Post Kids

Tomorrow I'll be going on my first international solo trip in a long time.  By solo I mean without my husband or kids. I'm actually meeting my sister in Europe to surprise our Dad for his birthday.  

Before kids I worked for an incentive travel company so traveled a few times a year for that, and when my husband was in residency and always liked having his next vacation planned even if it was months away.  Looking forward to a trip to Europe or Hawaii made those long call nights a little more bearable. We took a break from traveling when our kids were little but have started doing more now that they are getting older and more used to it.  We'll be going to California for spring break which will be a fun trip, but for now I am really looking forward to a trip where I have 2 long flights to do whatever I want - catch up on reading, blogging and actually get some sleep on the plane.  

It's a short trip.  I fly home on Monday but in the meantime I'll be celebrating my Dad's birthday with family and friends, going out with my sister one night, and hopefully get to do a little shopping and get to run outside a couple of times, while my husband holds down the fort at home.  If all goes well (which I'm sure it will, I hope to make trips like this more frequent).

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