Friday, February 7, 2014

January Wrapup/February Goals

Well, I didn't make many of my goals, but that was partly cause one aspect of switching over Little Readers room took much longer than I had expected.  Much like the Chicago puzzle Little Hugger has in her room, Little Reader wanted a puzzle we found of van Gogh's Starry Night painting in hers.  I had hoped we could all work on it together but all his swirly brushstrokes made for a tough 1000 piece puzzle.  I would have tabled it but had to move it out of the way for our Super Bowl party so was forced to finish it. 

Anyway, here's what I did manage this month

1. Finish decorating Little Man's room
Done - rug
To Do - Install tieback hooks & organize closet
Now that his sisters have puzzles on their walls, of course he wants a Star Wars one on his.
2. Finish exterior of dollhouse, and paint interior where needed, start wallpapering and floor
Sadly did nothing on the dollhouse this past month
3. Top to bottom house cleaning (Super Bowl party prep)
Done (of course now that the party is over I have to do it all again :(
4. Start redecorating Little Readers room Done - got the new comforter
Finished puzzle
To do - frame puzzle 
Frame pictures for other walls 
Find a rug
5. Book spring break trip (Sequoia, Monterey and LA) - DONE (flights, rental car, hotels, park hopper passes and tickets to Endeavor) 
6. Update finances with new budget, get bank accounts in order - DONE
7. Run 30 miles (I haven't run yet this year, the roads have been too slick, and I figured the gym would be packed so I'm waiting for the New Years resolution people to fall off the wagon ;)
unfortunately I didn't even make it half that distance but I did finally go see my podiatrist to find out what is wrong with my foot.  Luckily he said I could still run but that I need different shoes which I plan to get this week.
8. Transfer files off old computer - DONE
9. Complete goal list for the year.  This year I'm thinking of going more room by room as things are mostly organized it's more about making our house more homey - Done just haven't posted it on here yet.

So February is mostly about finishing up January's goals 

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