Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Good Weekend

This weekend my husband took our daughters on their fall Indian Princess campout.  They left after breakfast on Saturday (actually Little Reader made breakfast for all 3 of them so my husband and I got to sleep in).  She did this all on her own, which was a nice and much appreciated surprise.  Granted it was just microwave pancakes and milk, but still, I got to stay in bed an extra 15 minutes - that's priceless :)

Little Man is doing pretty well on the eating front, but I had told him Friday night that that Saturday morning he would have to have some banana.  He used to love banana baby food, for some reason he doesn't like real bananas.  I told him that he could have the banana on a graham cracker with peanut butter (his favorite snack), but I wasn't going to play with him or have us do anything fun until he ate some banana.  That may sound harsh but his feeding issues are purely stubbornness at this point so I have to be equally stubborn.

The good thing was I got a bunch of laundry and cleaning done while he pouted.  Finally around lunch time, he caved, and ate it.  After lunch we went back to the indoor playground.  We got there at 2 and there was a birthday party scheduled for 3 which ended up being perfect.  He played for an hour and once the party guests arrived we went back home.  It was pretty warm out so we spent time outside playing and winterizing the yard.

That night after dinner I let him pick a movie.  No big surprise he picked Cars.  He's only seen it once or twice before and kept asking when Lightning was going to race.  All that plot development and character building stuff wasn't very interesting to a 3 year old ; )  But once the racing started, he started cheering for Lightning.  Then I had to explain why Lightning would choose to lose the race and help another car.

After I tucked him in I watched Scandal from Thursday night - one of the few shows I watch and one my husband isn't at all interested in.  I started watching it cause of Josh Malina (David Rosen on the show).  I always liked Josh on West Wing and Sports Night and so far am enjoying Scandal.  I found out via Facebook that a friend of mine in 7-8th grade is his younger sister.  You know what that means right?  I'm 3 degrees from Kevin Bacon.

This morning, Little Man woke up around 745 a bit confused as his sisters usually wake up first and this morning the house was quiet.  We had a quiet morning and the rest of the family came home after lunch.  They were all very sleepy after staying up well past midnight but I could also tell that they were up to something when I helped them unload the car.

Sure enough when I came inside with a few last things from the car, they started singing Happy Birthday and had a cake and cards for me.  My birthday isn't actually until Wednesday but Little Man has a Thanksgiving sing at school that night and next weekend my husband is on call, so better early than late :)

The rest of the day was spent catching up and getting ready for the week ahead, the kids all crashed pretty quickly after being up late Saturday night, which left my husband to catch up on his fantasy football and me to finish my book.   A good mellow recharging weekend before the holiday craziness begins.

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