Friday, November 30, 2012

November Goals Wrapup

1. Buy all advent calendar stuff. DONE

2. Plan Christmas gift shopping and budget. DONE and have even started shopping

3. Keep running. 3 miles 2-3 times a week should be doable. No more long runs, I'll start that up again when the weather gets better. BIG fail here. I ran my 15 k and have barely run since, mostly because I've been using my kidless time to take care of the first two goals.

4. Give the house a good deep cleaning. I have done about half the house.

5. Make curtain for laundry area. Nope. Will have to tackle this one this month

6. Sew flannel duvet cover for Little Hugger. DONE. Now she's all warm and snuggled.

7. Get passports for the kids. Applied for 1 set and have an appointment for the US ones in January. My husband has to be there for those.

So not too bad, but not great

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