Friday, November 2, 2012

Hot Chocolate 15K

This weekend I'm running in my first real race and although I know it's going to be cold and I'm going to have to get up insanely early (I think 5AM) I'm pretty excited.  One good thing is that since I'll be running I obviously don't need to shower first, just roll out of bed, get dressed in lots of running layers, hydrate, have my banana and drive downtown.  When I started running in July I wouldn't have thought I could do 15K.  The first couple of weeks I had to do intervals of walking in order to even make it 3 miles.  Little by little I started pushing myself further and further.  I know I can do the distance (with some brief intervals of walking).  I've been taking it easy this week - skipped running yesterday as I did Trunk or Treat at Little Man's school, and tomorrow I think I'll just go for a walk. 

What I'm really excited about (aside from the mug of chocolate goodies at the end - check that thing out) is the actual course.  We'll be running through downtown Chicago along the lakefront.  As long as it's not super windy, it'll be a really pretty course for a run.  It'll be really cool to be able to run on Michigan Avenue and Lake Shore Drive. 

Any tips from veteran runners as I prepare for Sunday would be appreciated. 

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