Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloween Candy Buyback

Last week we took the kids trick or treating and even though we only went to 2 blocks worth of houses, they each came home with about 100 pieces of candy. More than I would want them to eat. So rather than them eating it, my husband or I eating it all (cause I would never throw away perfectly good candy), we went to a local orthodontist yesterday and dropped it off as part of Operation Gratitude's Halloween Candy Buy Back program.

Each dentist can decide what they give the kids in exchange for the candy. This one gives one $1 coin for each pound of candy.

The kids love the dollar coins and thankfully agree with me that the troops deserve the treats as a small way of giving them a taste of home and letting them know that people appreciate them and their service.

It's always funny watching my kids sort through their stuff and decide what to keep and what to donate. They each have a Ziploc box that they keep their treats in to pick from for Saturday treat day.

Little Reader is very methodical. She spreads out all her candy, groups everything by type, keeps one of each kind and donates the rest.

Little Man keeps all the chocolate unless it has nuts in it. He's not allergic, he just doesn't like nuts.

Little Hugger takes her time deciding and struggles through it. She keeps all her favorites, and slowly whittles down the rest. Usually it takes a few rounds for Little Hugger to weed out enough to get the box to close. She actually handed in the most candy this time earning $3, Little Reader got $2, Little Man was technically less than 1 pound but they were nice enough to round up for him.



  1. I have never heard of this program but what a great idea. I wished it was around where I lived as a child maybe my brother wouldn't have had hidden candy in July!


  2. It's a great program, and well used in our community. Last year this orthodontist ended up shipping over 1000 pounds of candy to the troops. I noticed on the website this year, they also ask for donations of toothbrushes ;)


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