Monday, March 4, 2013

Bragging Post

I usually don't brag a lot about my kids in my posts, but since this is also my personal journal once in a while I feel the need. I actually started this post ages ago but never got around to finishing it in the Super Bowl aftermath.

Super Bowl weekend is always a busy time in our house since we host a big party. This year to make it more hectic, Little Reader had two other events - Science Olympiad and her AIM exam. The Science Olympiad had a number of different events that 3-5th grade students competed in. She and her partner were doing the mystery box event. There were 15 different stations and at each one was a coffee can with an object inside it. The kids put their hands through a big tube sock attached to the coffee can to feel the object and try to determine its length, weight, material and what it actually was. They took turns feeling the objects (things like golf balls, rubber ducks, pieces of sponge, finger puppets, action figures, etc). She and her partner got 3rd place and only got 2 points less than the fifth graders who came in first. They each got a medal and certificate, were mentioned in the morning announcements Monday morning at school, and their names in the local paper. They were very excited and look forward to doing it again next year.

The next day before our party started I drove her down to a local college for her Achievement In Music exam on piano. It was her first time doing it do she was a little nervous but well prepared. The exam consisted of sight reading, repeating what the judge played by ear and also a written portion. She didn't get her score that day but later that week found out she'd gotten a near perfect score - 99.5 out of 100. When I told her she was naturally proud but also wondered what the deduction was for. Apparently on one of the sight reading portions she started on the wrong note but then corrected her mistake.

A very successful weekend for our Little Reader who is already looking forward to doing both events again next year.

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