Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Big 4-0

My husband turned 40 this weekend. I asked him a while back if he wanted a big party with friends and he said no. Still I wanted to do something more than our usual dinner out.

He was on call on his actual birthday so we just gave him his presents and had ice cream cake at home with the kids on Friday night and watched the Hawks game.

Saturday night he and I went out for dinner and downtown to see Book of Mormon. It's the story of elders in Uganda trying to convert the locals. One of the elders makes a connection with a local girl and tries to convert her. The problem is that he's not as well versed in the Book of Mormon as he should be and makes up a lot of it. It was totally irreverent and hysterical. I highly recommend it. Unless of course you are Mormon - then you will most likely find it insulting. This is not one of those shows where you come out singing the big number though, the music is good because the songs are funny but don't have the big notes of Les Mis or Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Sunday was a lazy day spent watching another intense Hawks game. They beat the Wings in an intense game to keep the streak going.

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  1. Oh my gosh, it was HYSTERICAL! I would love to go see it again!


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