Monday, March 11, 2013

I Want to Run

Last summer I started running again, ran a 15k Hot Chocolate and enjoyed it. I used to think runners were crazy but after finishing my first race, I got it. I live in Chicago and I don't like running in the cold I haven't. Problem is I miss it. I want to run.

I joined a gym in December to try and keep up an exercise routine. I don't like treadmills so used the ellipticals, but quickly got bored. I want to run.

I see people around my neighborhood running as I drive my kids to school. I think they are crazy for running when it is literally freezing outside, but I respect them. I wish I could do it. I want to run.

Chicago went 300+ days without snow so I was hopeful for an early spring. Mother Nature decided to dump a bunch of snow on us recently. Shoveling snow may make me break a sweat and burn some calories, but it's not good enough. I want to run.

My daughter's birthday is on Thursday and I've been using my few kid-free hours to buy presents and party stuff. Shopping is fun, but I want to run.

I don't count calories or even weigh myself but due to my laziness, clothes isn't fitting the way it should. I want to run.

Enough excuses. Just do it. Tomorrow I will drop the kids at school and I will run.

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