Wednesday, October 16, 2013

300 down, 100 to go

After finishing my half in September I knew I needed to set a new goal for myself.  Last year I totally slacked off once the weather for cold and basically stopped running or working out at all for 2 months, and then went to the gym very sporadically the next few months.  Even though getting back into it was easier than I would have thought come April, I am trying to force myself to keep lacing up through the end of the year.  So I've given myself a goal of 400 miles by the end of 2013.  With only 100 miles to go the distance isn't the hard part, it's forcing myself out there once it gets cold.  Even this morning I had a hard time leaving my nice warm house, and it was only 52 (but cloudy and windy).  But after about a mile, everything was fine and I ended up accomplishing my 7 mile goal for the day, and completing 300 miles so far.

I have already signed up for a virtual run - the Fit 4 Life Celebration of Life and Fitness so I'll get a medal as my reward.  It seems silly but yes bling does keep me going.  There are no specific requirements for the virtual and the medals ship in December so I figured it was a good fit. 

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