Monday, October 21, 2013

He's OK, the Car is Totaled

On Thursday Little Man and I were eating lunch when my husband called.  "I'm ok" he said "But I was in a car accident.  The car is totaled. I was making a left turn on the way to the hospital and I was hit by oncoming traffic.  I promise I was not texting or looking at my phone.  I think I've dislocated my pinky and may have broken a rib.  I'm waiting on xrays."  

At that point there was nothing to do but wait so I took Little Man to his soccer class and told him what had happened and that we may have to pick Daddy up at the hospital later.  After soccer, I talked to my husband again. Ribs just bruised not broken, but the pinky was broken and needed pins put in.  He'd already talked to a hand surgeon and just needed me to give him a ride over there.  

We dropped him off and then went to the impound lot to clear out the car.  This is what I found. 

What truly amazes me though is that as horrible as the front looks the interior of the car looked fine (aside from the deployed airbag).  Thank you BMW for building sturdy cars or this would have been a lot worse.  The car was nine years old so had been paid off for about 6 months, and we were planning on replacing it in the spring.  My husband already had his eye on another BMW.  He's been to the dealership to discuss the options with our sales rep, and we've rented a car for him in the meantime.  Now just waiting to hear what our insurance company will give us towards buying a new one. 

He took Friday off as he needed to get the cast removed and a brace made.  Ribs are still a bit sore so it hurts to lie down to sleep.  He did get some pain meds to help with that though. Today he is back at work, luckily a light day mostly office hours but he did have a couple of routine cases to do.  His hand feels fine but is still a bit swollen so he's hoping he can fit into the surgical gloves.  Luckily he doesn't usually wear the biggest size so hopefully a bigger one will work.  We'll see.  We have contacted our financial adviser in case we need to use some of the short term disability we've been paying for over the years.  Hopefully it won't come to that.      


  1. Oh my goodness, I am glad he walked away with just bruises and a broken pinky. Although I am sure that pinky is pretty important! I admire your calmness:-) Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

    1. Thanks. He was extremely lucky. A week and a half later, he's doing great! He's been able to operate no problem, thankfully. He wears a brace to protect the broken pinky when he's not working. We got a nice settlement from the insurance company and he'll be picking up his new BMW tomorrow. I think he's so excited about the car, he almost forgets the reason he's getting it.


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