Monday, October 7, 2013

Adding Insult to Injury

So, my parents are still in the hospital, and sometime within the last week their house was broken in to.  The alarm was not engaged and obviously no one had been coming or going for a while.  My sister is convinced that home health worker who was helping out my Dad before he was admitted is involved.  He just gave off a bad vibe and seemed to not so subtly be checking out everything when he was there.

They got most if not all of my Mom's jewelry (my sister says she hid some when she was there so hopefully, they didn't get it all), their laptop, stereo a Paustian lamp and two chairs (the chairs were Barcelona copies but I guess as my Mom said the thieves didn't know the difference).  They didn't find the silver and left a few other things behind, but I feel so bad.  They also have a ton of things from their travels some worth $, and some just sentimental.  My Mom is starting to go through the paperwork for the insurance company and will probably have to try and go to the house and see what else she can figure out is missing.

I hate to be this far away when all this is going down.  They have an alarm system, not sure why that wasn't on, but I'm not going to place blame on anyone for that.  I'm sure who ever left the house last feels guilty enough about that on their own.


  1. My goodness, how awful for you parents to have that happen to them when they are dealing with so much already. Maybe the perpetrator will be caught and some of the items returned in the future. Sending good thoughts your way.

    1. Thanks, they say bad things happen in 3s so I hope now we're done.
      I'm trying to figure out when I can get over there and help out somehow, but as you definitely understand leaving Dr J to take care of the kids for 1-2 weeks not real realistic. I'm currently researching child care options through schools and short term nanny service so I can go when they are discharged.


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