Monday, February 24, 2014

Time To Lace Up

I've been a slacker lately on many levels and I realized this weekend it's because I haven't been running.  Until about a month ago when I took a break do to a pinched nerve in my foot, I would run three days a week after I dropped Little Man off at school.  

Then I started making excuses.  I went to see a podiatrist who cleared me for running gave me some tips on how to lace my shoes and what kind to get for my next pair.  I kept putting off buying them, despite having a credit at my local running store.  Then we had our Super Bowl party so had to get the house in shape the week before, then I took the week after to get it all cleaned up again.  (It wasn't that dirty, I just don't like to clean).  Bottom line, the excuses kept coming and my sneakers collected dust.  I also have barely worked on the dollhouse in all that time either, making excuses for why I can't progress.  I have tons of blogposts swirling around my head, that I need to get out.

Yesterday, I decided enough is enough.  I sat my daughters down and we planned the layout for the rooms and I spent last night painting the ceilings after they went to bed.  Tonight I plan to do a second coat on the ceilings and then put the walls in place so I can start wallpapering.  

This morning I put on my old sneakers, tightened the laces as the podiatrist suggested to prevent rubbing the pinched nerve as I run.  It's still a little cold for me to run outside so I went to the gym and knocked out 5k.  A little slower than my usual pace, but not significantly.  I hope to do a St Patricks day 7k next month.  

I am a creature of habit, a lover of lists, and someone who greatly believes that we are better parents when we also take time to do things for ourselves - for me that thing has been running.  I go in the morning and clear my head after the rush of getting kids off to school, plan my day, and feel much calmer for the rest of the day.  My kids are getting increasingly busier with after school activities, so I know I need to get my run in to maintain my sanity.  

I'm going to stick with my old sneakers for this week and see how it goes.  They were close to retirement anyway, but will go get a new pair if that's what I need to do.  

I read a quote recently that has been replaying through my head lately - "If it is important to you, you will find a way.  If not, you'll find an excuse."  So true and I need to get back to making the important things a priority


  1. Very timely post. I just bought a new pair of running shoes, was fitted by my local running store, I am all set.... I just haven't used them yet. It's been two weeks. What am I waiting for?

    1. Go for it! I felt much better after I went

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