Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day out

We had our cleaning lady come back after skipping 2 times while my parents were here. Thankfully, the little guy was feeling much better (he even said a couple of times throughout the day "I'm feeling better"). In order to stay out of the house we went to Target to get the last of the lights for the tree, Binny's to get a bottle of wine for my husband's guys night out tomorrow, the post office to get airmail stamps before getting my daughter from school. My son had brought his Rudolph stuffed animal and started singing the song when we were at the post office. He sang "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" and then one of the postal workers sang "had a very shiny nose". My son got all surprised and said, "Mommy, he knows the song too" :)

We went and got my daughter after Kindergarten and went to her favorite lunch spot - Jason's Deli - for lunch. Actually I like it too, their salad bar is really good. Unfortunately their ice cream machine was broken but they offered free chocolate chip cookies instead.

I thought it was funny that they even posted a sign on their front door saying that the machine was broken as if people would only set their if they got the free ice cream. Or maybe to avoid kids having tantrums if their parents don't realize it til after they've had their kids set a good meal :)

Then off to the mall to pick up my mother in law's fur coat from storage and then a quick stop at the library before picking up my other daughter at school. Our cleaning lady was finishing up at our house so I took my daughter to piano and went to the store to pick up dinner.

Finally home to relax a bit before dinner. Tonight Tortellini Alfredo with prosciutto and peas. Then laundry and getting the international Christmas cards ready to be mailed. Domestic will have to wait til I go to Costco on Friday.

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