Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I'm tired

Long but fun weekend. Friday night my husband didn't get home til about 10.

Saturday morning, we took the kids to a breakfast with Santa. We have gone to a different place pretty much every year. This year we went to a public golf course that my husband has been to before. It was a nice buffet brunch with omelet waffle and carving stations along with the usual stuff. It was extremely reasonable $53 incl tip for the 4 of us (little man was free). Santa was on a stage and there was a short line to see him. The kids were all excited (although my oldest said she didn't think it was the real Santa as his beard didn't look real.) My youngest daughter had brought her Book About Me to get the autograph of a man with a beard. After that they all told him what they wanted - Build A Bear furniture and accessories, Baby doll high chair and a golden treasure chest with a key, and a fire truck and a garbage truck. Luckily for Santa only one challenge - the treasure chest - which actually shouldn't be that tough. I think I can probably find something at Michael's I can get to work.

After getting their picture taken, my youngest asked me where his present was? Oops, I guess he thought you ask Santa for the present and he gives it to you. Instant gratification. Sorry, buddy, it doesn't work like that.

After brunch we went home and changed and then got our tree. The usual 8 foot Fraser fir. It's resting in the living room to settle in before my husband puts the lights on and then we'll decorate this weekend when my in-laws arrive.

Saturday night we went to a black tie event for one of the hospitals my husband works for. It was at a suburban hotel so not a very exciting menu but still nice. They had a whole international theme since they have people from lots of different countries on staff and had a slide show of the employees and then well known sights from their respective countries.

We were seated with a nice couple, but we left before dessert to head downtown to go to another party - 70th birthday of a woman I used to work with. Her kids threw her a party in her building. Lots of my old work friends were there so it was a nice mini reunion. We didn't get back til after 1am.

The next morning my husband left early for the Packers game and I took the kids to a friend's 5 year old birthday party at the children's museum. It was a fun time and my kids always like going there. They have a science exhibit going on that they all enjoyed - wearing lab coats and playing with microscopes and glove boxes. The theme of the party was rainbows and the Mom had made a rainbow cake which was really cool. One layer was swirled red and orange and the other was yellow, green and blue. She had candies in each of the rainbow colors.

My oldest asked me if she could take a butterscotch and I told her that was fine. Not long after I walk by her and the host Mom was trying to comfort her. She had started choking on it, but luckily was able to cough it out. She was pretty scared by the whole thing but overall ok and after a few minutes we left the party room to play some more. She's still talking about it, but in a way that shows now she knows what it feels like and she'll be more careful.

We got home around 4 and every one went to bed easily after dinner. Even I was asleep by 1030. Fun weekend but busy. Next weekend is just as hectic if not more so.

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