Monday, April 2, 2012

He chewed......

A crayon.

My son has yet to eat table food, but yesterday afternoon as I was talking with my oldest in our family room, my other daughter came in and said that the little man had crayon in his mouth. They had been coloring in the kitchen and she looked up and he had pieces of crayon in his mouth.

Ironically, instead of getting upset, I see this as progress. Until now he hasn't chewed anything. All of a sudden he's taking bites of a crayon?

I helped him clean all the crayon bits out of his mouth. Then I brought him into the kitchen and tried to get him to bite an apple straw instead. I tried for about 10 minutes of trying to get him to show me how he chewed the crayon but using the apple straw instead. No luck. Even so, I consider it progress.

And if that wasn't enough, he used the potty 2 times last night. :) My little guy is growing up.


  1. My little guy loves crayons! He eats real food.. but still loves to gnaw on colors :)

  2. when this happened in our house is when I threw out all the sharpies!


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