Sunday, April 22, 2012

Screen Free Week - my version

Giving up TV was no big deal for me.  I prefer books to most of the crap on TV at the moment, and was in the middle of 11/22/63 at the beginning of the week and was eager to finish it - review to follow. 

As I was planning what I would do with my evenings once kids were in bed, most of my intended projects were a no go as they included a screen - updating photos online, updating playlists on my husband's iPod now that mine is officially dead, blogging etc.  I ended up reading, sewing a little and cleaning my house with that free time, not so bad.

Giving up my phone was harder, especially since I had to check my inbox for any Screen Free related emails.  Still I tried to only open the pertinent ones, and didn't read any of the blogs I follow and tried to not check Facebook.  I have to admit that even though I moved the FB app icon to the final screen on my phone I did find myself checking it a couple of times a day - but far less than usual. 

So what did I learn?

Most of my emails are crap - no big surprise there.  From Monday to Friday I received 148 emails.
One a day from the Gap even though I can't remember the last time I shopped there, unsubscribe
I get daily emails from Michaels and while I only shop there occasionally I still want those.
I did unsubscribe from quite a few other services, but had technical issues with some I tried.
When all was said and done I had 38 emails that I considered worth saving.  Pretty crazy.  I have disabled the new message notification on my phone, as up until now I feel the need to check every message as they come in - even though most obviously are not worth saving.  I figure if I designate certain times to check my messages, rather than checking throughout the day it'll go much quicker and I won't be wasting as much time checking my phone.  

I had 27 blogs that I followed.  Some are the type that post daily others more sporadic.  After a week I had 138 posts to read (or probably 118, one blogger had the unfortunate problem that one of her posts reposted about 20 times).  Of those 118 I have 7 that I kept as I want to comment or print something.  The rest not so interesting.  I've unsubscribed from a couple, but also have moved the icon off the front page of my phone so I won't be as tempted to check for new posts.

This has been my worst addiction for a while, and really I don't know why.  I don't play any of the games, but I find I check it compulsively, and post a couple of times a week.  So what difference did it make when I only checked once a day?  Really, none.  The same posts were still there, some interesting, some not so much and most I didn't comment on.  So the moral of the story, move this off my main page and check at a budgeted time just like the emails. 

So now that I've dealt with the trees, what will this do for the forest? Looking back I often found myself checking my phone instead of interacting with other people - my kids, other parents at pickup, etc.  Not good.  If I want to enjoy my kids, and give them the attention they deserve, I need to put the phone down.  If I expect to make any new friends, which I would like to, I need to be approachable, not be attached to my phone. As with any addiction, it won't be easy, especially since there are legitimate reasons to use it, but I definitely have a love/hate relationship with my iPhone

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  1. I did the same thing with my blogs. I need to clean up my Facebook, too. I need to start "un-liking" stuff. I can't find what my real friends are saying because there are so many posts from stores, organizations, etc. I also find myself checking FB every two seconds--crazy!

    Hope you are finding more time for real things now that you have streamlined!


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