Sunday, April 1, 2012

Week 14 project - Consignment Sale Prep

Two weeks from now, my women's group is hosting their semi-annual consignment sale.  This week is time to go through the bins of outgrown clothes and get it all tagged. 

I also use it as an incentive to get the kids to purge their toys.  I help them price everything, and anything that sells, I give them the money for.  Last fall they each earned $9 and they were psyched, even kicked themselves for not selling more.  I look forward to picking up some "new" clothes for the kids at the actual sale.  I still have yet to sell more than I buy for, but even so the savings are amazing. 

With my first daughter, I bought almost all of her clothes new and shunned handmedowns and sales like this, now I love them.  Kids grow so fast, consignment sales are the way to go when getting stuff for your kids.  I posted some tips after the previous sale in the fall - check it out if you're new to consignment sales

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