Saturday, April 14, 2012

Kids Sale

My women's group had their consignment sale this morning. As the years go by I'm getting less for my daughters but selling more too. Overall I ended up tagging about 100 items (mostly clothes) with a total resale value of about $200.

I asked my daughters what they wanted me to look for for them, and all they want are chapter books. Unfortunately, that's the one thing this sale doesn't have a lot of. I got to the sale about an hour after it started, I ended up getting the following things.

For my oldest
1 Gymboree tshirt

For my son
1 pair khakis
1 pair sweatpants
Carter's pjs
Gap sweater
Red polo
Red ls shirt
Bob the Builder tshirt

For whoever
9 picture books
Cranium Cadoo

24.64 - not too bad. I'll be curious to see how much I sell for, this may finally be a sale where I earn more than I bought for.

Tip - if at all possible leave the young kids at home. The entire time I was shopping there was a little girl having a major tantrum while her Mom was trying to shop. I don't know what triggered it to begin with, and I'm not judging the Mom, just saying that these sales can be tantrum inducing for young kids
- long lines to get in
- lines to pay
- a ton of people so very easy for kids to get lost
- a lot of toys, and clothes but as a parent you need to look through a lot to find the good stuff for your kid. This is not a power shopping trip. Even if kids don't end up having a full on tantrum, there is a ton of temptation for them of things to touch and play with, especially since all the toys are already out of their packaging.

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  1. I'm following you back from Our lovely life! I LOVE consignment sales...finding something awesome and getting it for a sweet deal is pretty much my favorite thing on the planet!


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