Saturday, May 12, 2012

2 Funny Moments

I am really behind on this blog, but had two little moments from today I didn't want to forget.

I took my 6 year old to her final pre-recital dance class today. In the car, I asked her if she was excited for the recital, she said she was.

I asked if she was nervous at all. She responded, "No, which is good, because one day when I'm a prima ballerina everyone will be looking at me, but it'll be no big deal cause I'll be used to it"

Earlier in the day we had her birthday party and were opening the friend presents. She was particularly excited about opening one present as the girl who gave it was rich.
Me: How do you know she's rich?
Her: She always wears really nice dresses.
Me: Well, that doesn't necessarily mean she's rich.

She opens the present. Two very cute dresses and a Cinderella storybook dressup toy.
Her: See, she got me a lot of nice stuff. She's rich.
Me: Those are very nice gifts. They were very generous.

Then I notice the gift receipt in the bag. TJMaxx. All of a sudden I feel we should be shooting a commercial, with the ending slogan - She's not rich, she shops at TJMaxx :)

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  1. Cute! I love TJMax and we are so totally not rich. My son's friends thought we were because we have a pool table and air hockey table down in the basement that is primarily our son's domain. The air hockey table was given to us for free and the pool table was a $100.00 used table. Amazing what we see in others- I know I do the same thing!

    Thanks for joining up at weekend blog walk!



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