Sunday, May 20, 2012

Finally Slowing Down

The past two weeks have been crazy with birthdays, dance recital prep (2 separate days for pictures and dress rehearsals) and soccer. The recital was yesterday, and my little dancers did well. We will now have our Saturday afternoons back as well as not having to race around like crazy on Tuesdays.

School let's out June 9th and camp starts the following week. I need to have Little Man toilet trained by then.

He's doing pretty well but hasn't pooped in the potty yet. Since we're always on the go, he ends up having a diaper on for a fair amount of the day, which doesn't help. Now that things are slowing down and the weather is better, we can be home and outside more. I've promised him a trip to the Exploratorium if he does it. I'm hoping by the end of the week he'll have done it.

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