Friday, May 25, 2012

Spring Break Wrapup

It's been a busy but fun week.  My daughter's were off school for the past 10 days and we had a little staycation here in Chicagoland.

Monday we went to the Skokie Exploritorium.  It's a great place for my middle daughter - 4-5 years old is the perfect age for this place.  My little guy is a little too small to use the climbing area which is the main attraction (although he would love to).  My oldest is outgrowing the place, but my 5 year old LOVES it.  We had her birthday party there last year.

Tuesday the little man had his feeding group, but first we made a stop at the Fire Zone. As usual the drop-in times are one hour sessions, which is plenty as the place is not very big, but my little guy loved it, and had fun showing his sisters around. They all enjoyed the presentation by the firefighter at the end.  Very silly but still informative.  Feeding group went well, but I have to say I'm a little disappointed that they aren't pushing things further.  He seems to be at the head of his class, eager to do what he is asked, while the other kids are more cautious. 

Wednesday was our best weather day so we headed to the Morton Arboretum.  We've been members there since last summer, but unfortunately haven't made it back since then.  We started off in the Children's Garden and then drove around a bit, had a picnic, and then to the daffodil grove and then stopped at one of the ponds.

Thursday my son's feeding therapist came to our house.  My daughters were eager to be a part of everything he did. We tried working with hummus this time, something not sweet to give him something else to try.  He was pretty good in the beginning but shut down pretty quickly.  I'm not sure if it was because we were all watching him, or because he just didn't like the new taste. I did tell her my concerns about his feeding group, and she agreed, but felt confident that he would be making the transition to table food very soon. That afternoon we took my husband to the airport for a golf trip with some friends to Myrtle Beach.

Friday we headed downtown to the Shedd Aquarium.  If you go, bring a stroller so that you can use the accessible entrance as the line at the main entrance was down the block.  At one point they even stopped letting people in as they were at capacity.  I've never been to a museum that got full, but I guess that can happen during spring break.  We got in around 11:00 and visited the wild reef where the sharks and other tropical fish are. This was our most expensive day (about $75 for the 4 of us, plus parking), we brought our lunches but I couldn't find an indoor spot to eat, so we ate outside in a tented area.  There is a jelly exhibit going on right now, which is interesting but not very big. 

The polar play area was a lot of fun for them, seeing the belugas and dolphins from down below, putting on penguin outfits and playing on the rocks

Saturday, we went to the Children's Museum, and finally after all that fun, today was errand day.  My husband is still out of town so I had to take the kids with me on my weekly shopping trip.  Adding a stop at Sports Authority to pick up soccer equipment for my daughter and lunch at Potbelly's, it all took 4 hours.  They did pretty well , but were definitely starting to lose their patience at the last stop, but at least I'm done for the week. 

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