Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sign the Apocalypse is Coming...

SI has their version of ridiculous sports related things, here's one that's not sports related.

Yesterday I was at watching my daughter's soccer game, and there was a little girl (probably 2 years old ) there with her dad. The little girl sneezed and ended up with a really messy, snotty nose. Dad did not notice as he was watching the game. I handed the little girl a tissue.

Then Dad looks over sees the girl and asks where she got the tissue. She points to me, he thanks me. Then he says to the girl, "Should we update your Twitter account and tell about the nice lady who gave you a tissue?" and then he took out his phone.

Really a 2 year old has a Twitter account? Sure I occasionally post things my kids say on FB, but my kids don't have their own accounts. I am curious how he wrote it, am I mentioned somewhere with #snottynose?

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