Friday, May 25, 2012

As with most people in this country I will spending this weekend attending and hosting barbecues, walking in a parade, and furniture shopping.

I'm still trying to figure out the menu for our barbecue, but plan on trying some of these fun desserts I found on Pinterest. 

Since we're going to one barbecue and hosting another I will probably make 2 of the 3 not sure which, although when I was pasting all the pictures Little Hugger stopped by and gave her opinion, "Not to be mean, because they all look yummy but I think the flag ones are better cause flags are more Memorial Day-ish".  She has a point.  
Along with the fun though I do think it is important to remember those who died serving their country, and also honor those brave men and women who are still overseas.  A few years back, I discovered  It's a website where active military stationed abroad submit requests for care packages.  Some times they are real specific down to brands of toiletries and snacks, other times real general asking for anything to remind them of home.  There are quite a few rules of what you can and cannot send and lots of guidelines about how best to prepare the packages.  Important note: When you ship to an APO or FPO which all these military addresses are you only pay domestic shipping, so not worry that you'll be paying a fortune to send a box to Afghanistan.  Pick up a flat rate Priority Mail box and fill it up.  As the ad says, if it fits, it ships.
We've sent a few packages over the years and I always have the kids help me pick our recipient and help with the shopping.  They also write letters and send drawings.  Most of the time we have received thank yous, but not always (and that's fine, soldiers are busy staying alive.)  Either way, I know that the packages are appreciated.  
So somewhere in between barbecues, parades, and whatever else you have planned for this unofficial start to summer, take a little time to check out the Any Soldier website, pick a soldier using whatever criteria you want (there are tons of ways to sort), and send off a care package.


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